Share Notes 1-17-19

Share Notes 1-17-19

CSA Share Notes:

Welcome to your first Winter share EVER at Red Moon Farm! We’re so excited to embark on this new adventure with you and find out what our mild East Texas winters can provide for your table. Some limited field production combined with what we’re growing in our big greenhouse- which is rapidly filing with leafy green abundance- should be able to fill out your shares nicely over the next 12 weeks. Remember, our goal is 6 deliveries, planned to be delivered bi-weekly, but that’s with the flexibility that our garden may dictate different plans. If we can harvest more for you, we will gladly do so! This first year is all an experiment and we are happy to have you along for the ride.


Here’s this week’s Vegetable line-up!

  • Radish—Large shares received French Breakfast radishes, a lovely heirloom with white tipped roots.  The small shares received Easter Egg radishes, multicolored and crisp.
  • Kale—Large shares received this crop and either got Red Russian kale -flat, oakleaf- or Winterbor kale-curly and crunchy. We’ve got a great recipe for rainbow kale salad that would be great with roasted sweet potatoes.
  • Collard— Small shares received this crop, smooth, round leaves. Excellent braised with onion, garlic and a strip of bacon. Makes a perfectly fine substitute in any kale recipe.
  • Arugula—A large bag of super tender and delicious peppery arugula. Boy is it good this time of year!
  • Pac Choi—a couple of our tender pac choi are the perfect addition to a Japanese noodle soup, a Chinese stir fry, or a thai curry.
  • Brussel Sprouts Tops—This is an interesting one! Brussel Sprouts grow on a long stalk, and at the top grows a large sprout, that’s more like a tiny head of cabbage. You cut this part off the plant to force the plant’s energy to the side sprouts on the stalk. They also happen to be delicious. I recommend roasting them, cut in half, and drizzled with balsamic, tossed with sesame seeds or sunflower seeds the last 5 minutes of roasting.
  • Cabbage—Each share received a few small cabbages of various varieties. Slaw, sausage and cabbage, kraut, Mexican street tacos, you name it!
  • Broccoli—Loads of this crop is ready right now so we’re making sure you get tons of it while we’ve got it.
  • Sweet potatoes—These tasty taters were grown by our friend down the road in Grand Saline, Tony Phillips.

Veggie Storage tips:

Winter squash and sweet potatoes will prefer to stay at room temp. Everything else will keep longest stored in the fridge sealed up in a bag.   All root crops should be severed from their tops to keep the roots from getting rubbery.   Everything will need a gentle washing before cooking, but leave the dirt on until you’re ready to use them to prevent spoilage.

We’d love to hear stories and recipes of your culinary adventures this week. Send us a note or post a comment of how you’ve used your CSA share.

Your farmers,

Jess & Justin

Large Share

Large Share:  (top left to right) Broccoli, Brussel Sprout tops, arugula, (2nd row) mixed cabbages, Easter Egg radishes, Pac Choi, (3rd row) Sweet potatoes and Red Russian kale.

Small Share

Small share: (top left to right) Broccoli, Brussel Sprout tops, arugula, (2nd row) cabbages, French Breakfast radishes, pac choi, sweet potatoes, and collard.