Are you certified organic?

We are in the midst of the certification process through Oregon Tilth for our 38 acres at Red Moon Farm. OT sets the highest standard in certification, and this process might take a while as we complete the transition from our land in Yantis (where we previously operated as organic-certified Texas Daily Harvest). You can count on the fact that, in the meantime, we are utilizing the same organic farming methods we always have.

We’ve made a serious commitment to our land to protect its biodiversity and conserve the soil and water. We don’t use chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. We also minimally process our vegetables—we want to get them to you straight from the garden, as fresh as possible. All of this means that some dirt or even a bug might find its way into your share, just as a reminder that your food is organic and chemical-free. If you’d like to learn more, stop by the market to chat or drop us a line. We love talking shop!

How much does it cost to join the CSA?

Each season, members pay a $25 planting fee at sign-up. This helps to cover the cost of seeds, farming equipment, and labor as we gear up for the growing season. Then once the season’s harvest begins, the cost of your weekly share depends on the size of produce share you selected (Small: $28, Large: $34), and any additional shares of flowers or eggs you’ve added on to your produce share. Each week there is also a $1 delivery and processing fee.

When is your growing season?

Because Texas winters are so mild, we can grow food almost year round. We’re currently offering CSA shares for three seasons each year: spring (April–June), summer (June–August), and fall (October–December). Each season runs for approximately 8-10 weeks, although extreme weather can occasionally cut them short or make for a late start.

How do I sign up?

It’s easy! Simply click here to join and create your member account. Through your account you will (1) select your pick-up site, (2) choose your share size, (3) select any add-on items you want to subscribe to, (4) confirm your payment method, and (5) enter your contact information.

What will I get in my share?

You’ll find that the contents of your share will vary depending on the season and the weather. We shoot for each CSA share to get six to eight different items. Large shares get roughly four big helpings of each vegetable, and small shares get about two-thirds that much. When we have an abundance in our fields we share that bounty with you, and when a crop struggles from bad weather or pests you may not see the item much that year. Either way, we’ll keep you informed. Check out the farm blog to see what’s growing this week!

Do I get to choose what is in my share?

We make every share the same way. We’re a pretty small operation without the manpower to customize each share, and besides—this way you get to sample each of the sixty crops we grow throughout the year! This is a pretty good deal. And if an unfamiliar vegetable shows up in your box, don’t worry: we’ve got ideas for the kitchen.

Plus, you DO get to choose which extra add-on products you get each week. We’re talking eggs, chicken, grass-fed beef, pork, soap, and more. Learn more about our add-on program.

Can I recycle my CSA share box?

You bet! We’re happy to have your help recycling and reusing the cardboard box your share is delivered in. When you pick up your share each week, you can drop off the box from the previous week. Better yet—bring your own box or bag with you, transfer your share at your pick-up site, and leave the box behind from the get-go. Make sure to read our policy on recycling. Thanks for helping us use our resources responsibly!

Do you grow fruit?

We grow as wide a variety of plants as we can in our climate. There are actually many fruits that grow quite well here, such as berries and fruit trees, but they take years to establish and require a substantial investment. And while we’re dreaming of orchards, we haven’t quite gotten there yet. In the meantime we’re working to stock your kitchen with watermelon, cantaloupe, wild blackberries, and the sweetest cherry tomatoes you could ask for.

In the past, when peach and blueberry season reach their peak in June, we have partnered each summer to include helpings of local fruit in the CSA shares. They’ll likely make their appearance again this year!

Where do you deliver?

We deliver in the DFW area and in Tyler, Lindale, and Van to pick-up sites hosted by members.  On delivery day, our driver follows a route and drops the shares at your chosen host site. There’s no need to meet the driver there—you’ll just pick up your box after delivery and check your name off the list. Our driver is pretty consistent and you’ll get a feel for timing as we go along. We do ask in consideration of our volunteers that you always pick up the same day as delivery.





How do I sign up to host a pick-up site?

If you’d like for us to deliver in your neighborhood, talk to us about becoming a host! We require a minimum number of members for any given pick-up site to “make,” but with your help recruiting your friends, we just might be able to add your home to our delivery route. Get in touch with us now to start the conversation.

All of your share sizes are full. Do you have a waiting list?

If our CSA membership maxes out our farm’s growing capacity (what a great problem to have!), we’re happy to add you to our waiting list. This ensures that you get first dibs when a membership becomes available.

 Do you have all your questions answered? Great! Click here to join the fall 2018 season.