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Farmer-Member Agreement

This page details the agreement made between the farmer and the CSA member. By joining the CSA, you agree to this document in full.

Your commitment for a season. As a CSA member, you are essentially a shareholder in our farm, reaping the benefits of our harvest, connecting with your food source, and supporting local agriculture. We count on you to make our season possible. By joining the CSA, you agree to buy a share of our produce each week during the 10-week season. And because we’re a small operation running a tight ship, we take your commitment seriously. We do not refund or cancel CSA memberships.

Your farmers’ commitment. We agree to supply you with healthy, fresh, organic produce. Everything we grow is free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. To protect the nutritional content of your food, we process our crops as little as possible, which might mean that there’s some residual dirt or even a bug on your food when you pick it up. (For more info on the whys and wherefores, see our FAQ or read about food storage and prep on our kitchen blog.)

Transparency. We commit to transparency in our farming methods and CSA practices. We want you to know how your food is grown and welcome you to come see our farm for yourself—we want you to feel connected to your food! We may also occasionally include an item in your share that was not grown at our farm. For example, each fall we offer sweet potatoes from our friends up the road near Grand Saline, as we don’t have the space on our small farm for sweet potatoes, and they grow so well in East Texas on already established family farms who have the space and equipment for this big crop. On occasion we may do this in order to provide you with something we aren’t growing that we think you can’t live without. In these instances, we will let you know who grew it and where they grew it so that you’re fully informed, but the vast majority of produce you receive will be straight from Red Moon Farm.

Planting Fee: Up front, you agree to pay a non-refundable $25 planting fee to get the season on its feet. This is your “skin in the game,” your investment in our season to help us cover seeds, labor, and materials to grow each season’s garden.  This is the way we share a small portion of the risks of farming with our members who believe in the good cause of growing good food.

Your member account. When you sign up for our CSA, you choose your share and a pick-up site, and you create a secure member account. Through your account, you can manage your subscription, change your pick-up location, or update your payment method at any time.

Cost and payment. Once the season’s harvest begins, the cost of your weekly share depends on the size of produce share you selected (Mini: $25/wk, Regular: $32/wk, Large: $40/wk) and any additional items you’ve added on to your produce share. During the season, we automatically charge  your payment method stored in our system in the amount of your selected share and any add-ons you ordered from the web store, each delivery day. You will receive an invoice for each transaction by email. We don’t store any of your information on our website; all payments are processed through Farmigo. read about their privacy policy).

Picking up your share. You agree to pick up your share each week from your assigned pick-up site and check your name off the check list. Please remember that our pick-up site hosts are volunteers; be courteous of their time and resources, and pick up your share promptly. If your site is a business, it is your responsibility to know their hours of operation. If you know in advance that you’re unable to pick up your share, you agree to have a friend pick up your share on your behalf. If you have an emergency pop up on delivery day leaving you unable to pick up your share, you agree to contact you site host or Red Moon Farm to let them know you won’t be picking up your share that day.

Recycling your CSA cardboard boxes. In every aspect of our business, we strive for more sustainability. Our members are invited to return their Red Moon Farm CSA boxes to us to use in the form of compost or mulch in the fields.  In order for us to accept back the boxes, they need to be broken down flat, and tape removed. Simply leave your broken-down box behind at your location, and the following week our driver will pick up the boxes.  Please note: We can only accept our own Red Moon Farm CSA boxes. We are not equipped to recycle or compost cardboard, egg cartons, plastic containers which would require sanitation between uses (no time for that extra step!), or any other materials from other sources.

Vacations and delivery suspensions. When planning a vacation, please remember that as a member of our CSA, you agree to pay for each week of the season whether or not you can pick up your share. If you’ll be out of pocket on a delivery day, we encourage you to find a friend who could pick up and use your share that week. However, if you can’t find someone to look after your vegetables, you can set delivery suspension dates within your member account, and we will donate your share on those weeks so that nothing goes to waste. Please update your delivery suspension dates in your account by noon on the Tuesday before the delivery date in question.

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Holiday delivery changes. If we have to reschedule a delivery date due to a holiday, we will let you know far in advance so that alternate plans can be made. Our tradition has been to halt harvests the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

In case of unforeseen events. Nature is unpredictable, and there are times when our garden needs a break. In cases of severe weather or pest plagues, or if the garden is growing slowly due to cold weather, long stretches of cloudy days, or from intense summer heat waves, we reserve the right to cut back on available shares, delay CSA delivery, skip a week’s delivery, or halt a CSA season entirely. We put the land first so that our family and the ecosystem we live in has a long-lived, sustainable future. You can rest assured, however, that we’ll never ask you to pay for a share that we can’t deliver.

Communication. We’ll be in touch often via email to give you time-sensitive alerts on your deliveries and payments, as well as updates about the farm and growing season. As a member of our CSA, you agree to read these emails and let us know if you have any questions. We’re always happy to help!

Privacy policy. We will never share our customers’ email addresses, financial information, or other personal data. Ever.

Thank you! Your membership to Red Moon Farm reflects your commitment to the well-being of our local food economy, our environment, and your family. Thank you, and enjoy in good health!

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