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The Team at Red Moon Farm


Every year our work comes together by the contributions of a small crew of dedicated, hard working, awesome folks.



We typically have 1-2 year-round positions and up to 5 seasonal positions which all range from 10-40 hrs per week.

Seasonal Opportunities

Starting in February and March we begin seeking our crew for the growing season.  As long as all positions get filled, we stop hiring anyone new by April, although it doesn’t hurt to ask if positions are still available, or to send us a note that you’re interested for future opportunities.  Seasonal roles usually begin in February, March, or April and last through the end of July or August, with the right folks getting to stay on for fall and winter production seasons.

We need folks who are super reliable, on time, teachable and eager to learn, and who can rapidly build new skills. We seek physically fit, positive, pleasant folks willing to come work *hard* feeding your community in a fun, beautiful, all weather environment.

Our farmhands who have loved this job the most are not bothered by getting sweaty, enjoy the feeling of being physically spent by the end of the work day, find joy in experiencing some discomfort of cold or hot conditions, and can maintain focus on monotonous/meditative tasks, i.e. weeding twelve rows of kale in a day, or bagging greens for 3 hours, or pounding fence posts for a whole afternoon.

Here’s a general view of what could be possible:

CSA and market prep work:

  • Harvesting in all weather conditions (harvesting happens on Tue, Wed, & Fri regardless of weather conditions)
  • Washing, bunching, weighing and bagging in the barn
  • Boxing up the CSA shares, assembly-line style
  • Dancing to your favorite hip-hop, etc
  • Very communal work, super fun

Primary field work (most physically taxing):

  • raking, shoveling
  • planting, weeding, mulching, pruning, all by hand
  • running small equipment like weedeaters and small tillers
  • trellising, fence building
  • This work has more meditative, independent time, or headphone listening to podcasts/audiobooks/music while you knock out tasks, whatever suits your fancy and keeps you trucking along

Other necessary roles we need filled

Thursday delivery (a 10-12 hr day)

  • You drive our trucks. Must have good driving record
  • Early morning till late afternoon
  • Gotta have great attention to detail to put all the right things at all the right stops


Saturday Market Manager (an 8 or 10 hr day)

  • Must have your own truck or SUV and clean driving record
  • Super fun, very fast-paced, very social (think bar-tender role)
  • Can stay positive and pleasant under a bit of pressure ( for example: long line at your booth, table getting empty of veggies and you need to refill, but you also gotta pee!)
  • Background knowledge of food/veggies a definite plus but not necessary.

What’s special about working at Red Moon Farm?

Everything. You’ll learn an insane amount about our low-till, biointensive organic style of production agriculture (This ain’t no hobby farm, y’all. We’re not stopping mid day to make sourdough bread or pick wildflowers for that instagram lifestyle, ain’t got the time) this makes the educational aspect really high. You learn a system that works, and has worked for 10 years.
And the numerous payoffs include:
  • improved physical and mental health
  • deeeep sleep at the end of the day
  • fun and quirky farm friends
  • a fridgefull of healthy veggies
  • getting stronger and healthier than you’ve ever felt in your life
  • having the best farmers tan of any of your friends, by FAR.
We’re in Van, a 35 min. drive from downtown Tyler. Some of our best workers loved this job enough to drive from Chappell Hill, Longview, and even from McKinney.
3 important notes:
  1. Pay ranges from 12-14/hr
  2. We are not looking for volunteers at this time
  3. Work is almost always exclusively Tues. through Fri. We do not have crew members work on Sundays, Mondays, or Saturdays (other than the market manager). We’re gone to markets on Saturdays, and we use Sun/Mon as prep days to be ready for the crew coming that week. If your only availability is Sun/Mon, we can’t use you, but thank you!
  4. We do not offer on-farm housing (although some farmhands have pitched their tents and camped out when the weather is nice, both for fun, and to shorten their commute from Longview/Dallas)

So connect with us! It’s hiring season right now.

email your relevant skills or background experience, plus your availability to to start the conversation