2014 Spring share #2

2014 Spring share #2

Welcome back for week two of the spring season.  I hope you guys are beginning to get creative in your kitchen and are enjoying some of our more unique offerings.  Here’s your vegetable list for the week!

  • Lettuce—Skyphos is a tender lettuce like Boston lettuce but with so much more beauty. This variety is great for lettuce wraps. The small shares also received some Oscarde lettuce. These heads are loose, deep in color, with oak shaped leaves.
  • Radish—French Breakfast radishes are Jessica’s favorite. They’re so beautiful with their white tips. My favorite way to eat them is to spread mashed avocado on a slice of dark rye bread, crusty sourdough, or sliced baguette. Top that with big slices of radish and sprinkle with sea salt.  This is such a simple hors d’oeuvre and it’s so delicious!
  • Broccoli Raab— This spring treat will likely only be given once or twice so enjoy it!  It’s one of those rarities you may have wondered about but never had the chance to try.  Raab is related to turnip and broccoli so you may notice the similarities. It’s delicious with a little garlic, olive oil, and topped with freshly grated Parmesan, or maybe just salt and red pepper flakes, or you can go the caramelized onion route. All are great options with Broccoli Raab.
  • Hakurei turnips—Crisp and mellow. They are at their peak right now so we hope you enjoy them. These turnips are delicious eaten raw but when cooked, their sweetness intensifies, and a delicious butter flavor emerges. This is a farm favorite.
  • Pac Choi—a delicious Asian cabbage that’s a great addition to stir fries. I like to separate leaves and stems as they have different cooking times.
  • Arugula—A highly nutritious and oh-so-flavorful salad green. If you love arugula’s peppery flavor, we’ve given you plenty to enjoy a huge salad (6 or 10 oz. depending on share size). And if you’re not so sure about arugula, try just a handful of leaves mixed in with a large mixed green salad with lots of other exciting flavors like feta, goat cheese, glazed pecans, or strawberries. Arugula goes great with a little sweet and a little salty.
  • Mustard Mix—Our beautiful mix includes a wide variety of Asian greens like tatsoi, mizuna, and frilly leaved varieties of mustard and turnip green. You can use these mixed into a salad for new textures and flavors, or you can lightly cook them. Save a few pretty sprigs to garnish the edge of a plate or a lay atop a heap of mashed potatoes.

Store your roots and your greens sealed in containers in the fridge. Wash just before using to improve shelf-life. We’d love to hear stories and recipes of your culinary adventures. Send us a note! And don’t forget to head on over to the Kitchen blog to see what we’re cookin’ up!

Large share


IMG_0263Large share, clockwise from top:  Skyphos lettuce, arugula, Hakurei turnips, mixed mustard greens, French breakfast radishes, pak choi, and broccoli raab.


Small share:

IMG_0269Small share, clockwise from top: Skyphos lettuce, broccoli raab, French breakfast radishes, Oscarde lettuce, mixed mustard greens, pak choi, Hakurei turnips, and (center) arugula.


Jessica & Justin