2014 Spring share #1

2014 Spring share #1

Here’s your vegetable line-up this week!  We hope you have some culinary adventures with a few familiar and some new veggies. 

  • Lettuce—Mottistone (speckled) and/or Oscarde (dark oakleaf. large shares only)
  • Radish—Easter Egg
  • Mustard Mix—A wide variety of Asian greens like tatsoi, mizuna, and frilly leaved varieties of mustard and turnip green. A delicate and beautiful mix.
  • Pea Shoots—Tender and so beautiful with the mellow, buttery flavor of peas. I’ve seen folks make pesto, use them in salads, or make a carrot and pea shoot soup. You’re going to love these pea shoots! Discard the lower tough stems and leaves and eat all the tender bits.
  • Kale—Red Russian. Many of the green leaves have turned a beautiful purple from last week’s frost. They are still delicious. Young, tender leaves are great added to a salad; any tougher leaves are best sautéed, massaged with oil and sea salt, or as kale chips.
  • Carrot—mixed varieties of yellow, white, and orange. These over-wintered carrots are much smaller than we had hoped, but they are incredibly sweet! Look forward to another round of carrots in several more weeks. Did you know the tops are edible? They’re a great addition to soups or dishes of cooked mixed greens.
  • Pac Choi—a delicious Asian cabbage that’s a great addition to stir fries.

Store your roots and your greens sealed in a bags or containers in the fridge. Wash just before using to improve shelf-life. To keep your roots from getting rubbery, cut off the tops about ½ inch above the root and store them separately. The tops of all the root vegetables this week are edible! Find creative uses for your radish greens and carrot tops and let us know what you decided to do with them!  In fact, we’d love to hear stories and recipes of your culinary adventures. Send us a note!

Don’t forget to head on over to the Kitchen blog to see what we’re cookin’ up!

IMG_0250Large share, clockwise from left: Red Russian kale, pak choi, Oscarde lettuce, Mottistone lettuce, pea shoots, mixed mustard greens, carrots, and Easter Egg radishes.

IMG_0258Small share, clockwise from left: Red Russian kale, carrots, pak choi, mixed mustard greens, pea shoots, Mottistone lettuce, and Easter Egg radishes.


Jessica & Justin