Share Notes Oct 24

Share Notes Oct 24

CSA Share Notes:

Here’s the vegetable line up this week:

  • Squash Blossoms— Regular shares received this delicacy this week! We’ve used this list many times to gain inspiration for cooking with our squash blossoms. They’re so delicious. You’ll want to use them up within a day or two as they have a very short shelf life.
  • Broccolini—The large shares get to try our first broccoli harvest from our super fast maturing broccolini row.  These are loose and almost flowering, but really delicious. This crop would be fantastic roasted with lots of garlic and red chili peppers and topped with a squeeze of lemon.  In weeks to come we hope to have plenty for everyone!
  • Lettuce—lovely mixed leaf lettuce, just needs a quick washing and it’s ready for your table. 8 oz bags to the Large shares, 6 oz to the Regulars, and 4 oz to the Minis.
  • Jalapeño —  if you’ve got a back log, may I suggest making a small batch of candied pickled jalapeno peppers. They’re fantastic and it only takes 10-15 peppers to pull this off.
  • Radish—Large and Regular shares received our heirloom French Breakfast radish. They’re so pretty with their pink tips. Mini shared received the Easter Egg radish. Crisp, juicy, and not too hot. These are excellent for a BAR sandwich (that’s Bacon, Avocado, & Radish). I highly recommend a good rye bread for this.
  • Fairytale Eggplant—Regular shares received 8-10 of these tiny, gorgeous fruits. I halve them down the stem, er even butterfly them, which is a beautiful effect, and then roast them topped with a bit of parm. I also love them in a curry. Whatever you decide to do with your eggplant, make sure you use high heat. It’ll get a touch of char on them which brings out so much sweet mellow flavor, and avoids the “squeaky” or “mushy” factor people associate negatively with eggplant.
  • Japanese Eggplant—Mini shares received just several of these pretty eggplant. These are great sliced down the middle and grilled, or roasted at high heat and sprinkled with parmesan, and perform beautifully in a curry.
  • Italian Eggplant—Large shares received 3 of these big beauties. These would make a fantastic baba ganoush or a super hearty vegetarian lasagna.
  • Kale—Large shares a small bunch of Lacinato kale. All of our kale varieties have really struggled this fall so we may not see too much more of it, though we’re doing everything we can to help it along.
  • Swiss Chard—For the large and mini shares  this week. This crop makes a lovely fresh or “massaged greens” salad with pine nuts, parmesan, and dried cherries. Top with a white wine, dijon mustard, or parmesan focused dressing and you’ll have a wonderful side salad.
  • Onions—lots of yellow and red onions. They’re tiny so you’ll have to do more work to peel and chop, but they taste great.

Veggie Storage tips:

The hot peppers can be stored at room temp for a several days, or they’ll last a few weeks in the fridge. Eggplant and broccoli will both last longest sealed up in a bag in the fridge. All the leafy greens like chard, collards, lettuce, and the squash blossoms will want to be kept really cold. Make sure they’re sealed up in a bag or container so they don’t get wilty. Onions prefer to stay at room temp.  Everything will need a significant washing before cooking, but leave the dirt on until you’re ready to use them to prevent faster spoilage.

We’d love to hear stories and recipes of your culinary adventures this week. Send us a note or post a comment of how you’ve used your CSA share.

Your farmers,

Jess & Justin


Large Share

Large Share:  (top row left to right) Swiss Chard, jalapenos, Italian eggplant, and lettuce. (Bottom) onions, broccolini, kale, and French Breakfast radishes.


Regular Share

Regular share:(left to right) Collards, jalapenos above onions, Fairytale eggplant above Squash Blossoms, lettuce above French Breakfast radishes



Mini Share

Mini share: (left to right) Swiss Chard, jalapenos above onions, Japanese eggplant, lettuce, and Easter Egg radishes