Share Notes 7/2 & 7/4, 2020

Share Notes 7/2 & 7/4, 2020

CSA Share Notes:

Welcome to another abundant week! Here’s this week’s vegetable line up:

  • Squash—Large and Mini shares received Zephyr squash this week and Regular shares received our classic yellow squash.
  • Zucchini—2 different varieties of beautiful heirloom zucchini made their way into the boxes this week.
  • Sungolds— We have an abundance so we’re loading you down with them! These are an incredibly sweet and tasty cherry tomato.
  • Slicer tomatos— Each share received a few slicer tomatoes. If yours have any damage, eat them it up quickly. If you have some that are under ripe,  set them on the counter shoulders down (that’s upside down) at room temperature to finish ripening. Putting them shoulders down protects them from bruising under their own weight.
  • San Marzanos— Regular shares only.  These are our favorite tomato for salsas, sauces, and pico. They’re a lovely Italian heirloom that are very low in moisture. Allow them to finish ripening and enjoy.
  • Eggplant—The Regular shares received our Italian eggplant, perfect for a veggie lasagna or pasta dish. The Mini shares are receiving the lovely Fairy Tale eggplant, my favorite for use in a Thai curry. And Large shares are receiving the slender purple Japanese eggplant.  All three varieties are super versatile so don’t be afraid to swap the the you received into your favorite recipes. Eggplant performs best with really high heat and a bit of char on it to bring out the sugars, so roast, grill, or griddle it.
  • Basil—everyone received a small bunch of Genovese basil. Here’s the most important thing to remember about basil: It does not want to be below 50 degrees. Storing it in the fridge will ruin your basil! Quickly get it out of your box, trim the stems, and get it into a glass of water. Leave it on the counter away from direct sunlight.  Just change out the water and trim the stems as often as needed to freshen it up and it’ll last you a week or more.
  • Onions—red onions for Large and Regular shares.
  • Garlic—For Large and Regular shares. This is our beautiful heirloom red garlic. Peel back the white papers and a beautiful red streaked skin appears. This garlic is super fresh and juicy.
  • Potatoes—Red new potatoes for both the Large and Regular shares and White Kennebec for the Mini shares.
  • Cucumbers—We have more this week! Enough for everyone this time. These are baby pickling cucumbers and are great eaten fresh or pickled.
  • Hot peppers—Jalapenos for everyone! Soon we’ll have loads for making poppers, but for now it’s just a few.

Veggie Storage tips:

The eggplant, cucumbers, peppers, squash and zucchini will keep longest stored in the fridge sealed up in produce bags.  The potatoes, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and basil all prefer to stay at room temperature.  Basil should never be kept below 50 degrees or it will turn black. Keep it in a glass of water on your counter and change out the water and trim the stems as needed to keep it fresh. If you’re not able to use it all up, hang it upside down to dry in a dark cabinet. Everything will need a gentle washing before cooking, but leave the dirt on until you’re ready to use them to prevent spoilage.

Your farmers, Jess & Justin

Regular Share

Regular Share top row, left to right: Yellow squash, slicer tomatoes, Valencia tomatoes, Italian eggplant, basil. 2nd row- Zucchini, potatoes, cucumbers, sungolds, jalapenos, red onion, garlic.

Large Share

Large Share top row, left to right: Yellow squash, slicer tomatoes, San Marzano tomatoes above Valencia tomatoes, Japanese eggplant, basil. 2nd row- Zucchini, potatoes, cucumbers, jalapenos, sungolds, garlic, red onion.

 Mini Share

Mini share  top row, left to right:Yellow squash, zucchini, slicer tomatoes, fairytale eggplant, jalapeno, basil. 2nd row- cucumber, potatoes, sungolds.