2014 spring share #8

2014 spring share #8

We’d like to give a huge thank you to all of you for being a member of Red Moon Farm this spring! Here’s the run-down of your last spring CSA share.


Share notes:

  • Swiss Chard—Bright Lights variety. These leaves are so lovely. Swiss chard pairs nicely with beef dishes, onion, walnut, lemon, dill, chick peas, pasta…. Oh man, it’s the best and it’s so pretty!
  • Dill—Bouquet. This fragrant herb will enhance a potato salad, a cabbage cole slaw,  grilled chicken or fish, a crisp radish sandwich, the options are endless!  And if you can’t decide how to use it, just hang it upside down in a room with good air flow until dried and then store in an airtight container. It will be wonderful with your summer veggies later in the year if you’d like to save it.
  • Radishes—Daikon. Lovely slender crisp roots. I harvested these radishes in the dark this Sunday evening as we knew that they likely would not survive the harlequin bugs if we waited until the next day. Their greens are especially lovely this time so here’s your chance to try radish green pesto!
  • Turnips—Hakurei for the small and Scarlet Queen for the large. These too were rescued from the harlequin bugs in the nick of time. Some of you received greens that will be too damaged for use, but most of the turnip tops are still great quality for braising!
  • Snow Peas—Seriously, y’all- this spring has been so weird. We have never, ever, ever given out peas in mid June! It’s so hard to believe they’ve lasted this long.  They are nearing the end of their season so they’re not as pretty as they were in the early spring, but they are still juicy and delicious.
  • Cabbage—The conical Early Jersey Wakefield for the small shares, and a lovely green and purple variety for the large shares. These cabbages are such a fun shape, though they taste just the same as a standard green cabbage.
  • Lettuce—Red Summer Crisp. Vibrant and crisp.
  • Onions- a couple of red and yellow. An important note about the onions! We harvested all the onions for the year and have put them away for storage to give out in the CSA for the next several weeks.  It is important that we give out the slightly damaged onions first because they will not store very long. This means that this week’s onions are blemished or have sun spots or small insect holes. They are just fine minus the little bad spots, but we needed to move them out quickly, and you will want to eat them this week as they won’t keep for too long. We will be giving out the prettier onions throughout the coming season.

Let us know what fun ways you’re using your produce. Drop us a note to let us know what culinary adventures you’re taking!  And don’t forget to head on over to the Kitchen blog to see what we’re cookin’ up and follow us on Facebook to keep up with us over the summer!


Jessica & Justin



Large share:  Scarlet Queen turnips, cabbage, Red Summer Crisp lettuce, red and yellow onions, snow peas, Bright Lights Swiss chard, Daikon radishes, and Bouquet dill.



Small share: Bright Lights Swiss chard, Bouquet dill, red and yellow onion, Red Summer Crisp lettuce, cabbage, snow peas, Hakuei turnips, and Daikon radishes.

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