2 week countdown and sneak peek

2 week countdown and sneak peek

Harvests Starting Soon!


The countdown is on! We’re about 2 weeks (possibly 3 weeks) from our first Spring CSA harvest and we’re starting to get very excited for what’s in store for our CSA members this year.

Check out just a few of our favorite varieties we’re growing this season to get a sneak peek at what we’re sending out the first few weeks of the CSA season.  And if you’ve already joined our Spring season, start getting excited to taste them!

See if you can count just how many colors of the rainbow you’ll be getting. And this is only about 1/4 of the crops we’re growing for Spring!

If you haven’t joined yet, you can still reserve a share of the harvest, giving us your support for a season, and committing yourself to 8-10 weeks of healthy, farm-inspired eating.

We have room for about 20 more members in the Spring CSA season, and soon we’ll have to close up registration and open up a waiting list, so don’t dilly dally.



Our beets should be ready fairly early in the season this year as we got them well established in one of the winter’s many 2-week warm-spells. These gorgeous bulls-eye beets are Chioggia and they’re one of a few “Ark of Taste” seed varieties we grow- meaning that they’ve been deemed especially spectacular by an esteemed board of foodies.


This variety is cutely named “Amazing” Cauliflower. Cauliflower is a finicky crop: Can’t handle too hot or too sunny, it doesn’t like a frost, it doesn’t like it too wet or humid.   But THIS variety tolerates both heat and cold stress, and the leaves do this cool thing called “self-blanching”, meaning they close up over the head to protect it from the sun. Not every year is an “Amazing” cauliflower year, but we’ve got high hopes this year will be one of them

Oregon Giant snow peas almost never actually reach the kitchen, as they’re one of the first items members’ kids start snacking on when they open their boxes in the car on the drive home. Good luck getting to taste some! They have a very short season as they like cool conditions- which we only have for a blink-of-an-eye in the Spring- so we try to grow a whole lot of them so you’ll receive plenty.

Hakurei turnips will be familiar to any of you who have been a Spring member before and it’s one of my favorite crops to introduce to people. This is a SALAD turnip, which is basically a completely different crop from regular turnips. You eat them fresh and raw and they’re mild, nutty, a bit sweet, and contain no turnipy-bite. They’re amazing.

Mokum carrot is one we’ve grown many times, with cylindrical roots with blunt tips and a high sugar content. Our last round which we harvested in January and February, we were repeatedly told by several market customers that they were the very best carrots they had ever eaten.

Gypsy broccoli gives us the largest, most dense, and most lovely broccoli heads each season. It’s a top performer and in some years has reached dinner-plate size! Fingers crossed this is a great broccoli/cauliflower year

Rouxai lettuce is one of my faves. It’s harder to grow because it’s pretty delicate, but it offers super tender oak laves that I love in a salad, and a gorgeous color spectrum from crown to tip that is out of this world.

Black Magic kale is a Lacinato, or Dinosaur kale type and I do love this plant’s prehistoric look. This is one of three kale varieties we grow and this one is always the chef favorite for flavor, texture, and beauty. It’s also a little harder to grow but well worth it.

Super tender Auroch baby spinach is currently being grown in both our greenhouse and in the field. It’s got super dense, dark green, uniform leaves and it’s a new variety for us here at Red Moon Farm. Can’t wait for you to try it.


Glowstix carrot mix is one of the prettiest mixes we’ve offered, and the taste is exceptional. Eating the rainbow get’s you a greater diversity of nutrients, and with this crop you hit a huge spread of the color spectrum! Plus the taste on these is just fantastic.


Join Spring season (all these crops above and more!)

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All the quick and dirty details:

  • Up front, you pay a $25 planting fee.
  • Cost per harvest is: Large share: $40, Regular: $32, Mini: $25
  • Spring season runs Mid April- Mid June
  • Summer season runs Mid June-Mid August
  • Season concludes after about 8-10 harvests
  • Convenient porch pick-up. (6 in DFW, 7 near Tyler/Longview)
  • Intrigued by the C.S.A.? Learn more about How-It-Works
  • Here’s a helpful list of our FAQs
  • Still have questions? Reach out! We’re human and we love to talk shop.
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