2014 Fall Share #3

Share Notes:

  • Mustard Greens—Red Giant. Eaten raw, these spicy greens pack quite a punch, but wilted with the kale or collards, they mellow and add a wonderful turnipy flavor to your greens. Do you notice a few bug holes? These are from flea beetles! (And we know you don’t mind sharing a little of your food with the bugs if it means you’re getting amazing organic quality!) As soon as we have a couple of light frosts, the flea beetles will be no problem.
  • Pac Choi—This delicious Chinese cabbage is excellent in a soup or a stir fry. Cook up some easy Japanese noodle soup and toss this tasty veggie in.
  • Winter Squash—Acorn. These delicious winter squash are great baked, grilled, roasted, mashed, etc.
  • Daikon Radish—This crisp and peppery tap-root really brightens up your meal. Daikon can sometimes be quite spicy. If you aren’t a fan of the radish spice, try roasting them. They’re really delicious.
  • Hakurei Turnips—This is our favorite turnip variety. They’re wonderful roasted. I envision a really nice roasted veggie salad with this week’s offerings: Maybe the turnip, daikon radish, pak choi, and a little sweet potato roasted all together with a small amount of oil and then served at room temperature…that sounds so good!
  • Kale or Collards—These greens are still so tender! As the weather cools the leaves will get a bit tougher, so please enjoy the wonderfully delicate texture while you can.
  • Sweet Potatoes— Baked, mashed, fried, grilled, roasted, hash-browned, pureed into a soup, or baked into a pie, this is a fall favorite at our house.

Storage tips:

This week, all your greens should be stored in the refrigerator, sealed up to retain their moisture. Your roots (turnip, diakon) should be separated from their tops so that the roots stay crisp and firm, and also sealed up in a container in the fridge.  The tops are edible, too and would go nicely in a big batch of braised greens. The sweet potatoes and winter squash can last up to a couple of months, though we hope you eat them up soon! Keep the dirt on them for now and store them at room temp. As a general rule, wait to wash any of these veggies until you’re ready to use them.

We’d love to hear stories and recipes of your culinary adventures this season. Send us a note or post a comment of how you’ve used your CSA share!


Your farmers,

Jess & Justin

Large ShareIMG_0632

 Large share (Left to right): daikon radish, hakurei turnip, Giant Red mustard greens, Lacinato kale or collard greens, Pac choi, sweet potatoes, and acorn squash.

Small Share

IMG_0628Small share (left to right): Red Russian kale, acorn squash, sweet potatoes, Giant Red mustard greens, hakurei turnips, pac choi, and daikon radish.