What’s in My Share?

Each week of the CSA season, our members receive a box chock-full of fresh, seasonal vegetables grown right here at Red Moon Farm. The actual contents will vary depending on what’s ripe this week—we harvest the day before we deliver! To get a sense of what to expect, feel free to explore the history of our CSA contents through the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

In addition, Red Moon Farm proudly partners with several local farms and businesses to expand the range of offerings available for delivery through our online store. From farm eggs and grass-fed beef to coffee and soap, these optional add-ons provide your family with high quality products while supporting the local economy—in fact, you’ll recognize many of the vendors from the Rose City Farmers Market!

The best part? We’re keeping your life simple. Your customized order is delivered with your box of vegetables each week, keeping your errand list short and sweet. Each week, select your add-ons in the web store by Tuesday at 8pm, and we’ll take care of the rest for delivery on Thursday.

Read all about our local partners below. To see a full listing of all available add-on products and their descriptions, visit our web store.

Red Moon Farm—that’s us!

We are proud to offer even more wholesome products from our busy farm, including natural apothecary staples and farm eggs from a very happy flock of chickens. All herbal apothecary products are created by Red Moon Farm-er Jessica Bullock using medicinal herbs grown on site with the same sustainable, chemical-free standards as all the vegetables. The range of natural, herbal products includes skin care, first-aid items, soaps, and shampoo.

Meems’ Garden

Meems’ Garden, an East Texas fruit and flower farm, happens to be run by the matriarch of the family venture that is Red Moon Farm. Committed to the same natural and sustainable growing practices employed by her daughter and son-in-law, Melinda nurtures an impressive variety of blooms, along with raspberries, black berries, figs, persimmons, and even honey, all available seasonally. Read more about Meems’ Garden.

Lonesome Lady Ranch

Alissa Rhodes, the rancher behind Tyler’s Lonesome Lady Ranch, cares for her livestock as if they were her own children. Committed to raising all animals through the entire life cycle, Lonesome Lady Ranch can ensure the best possible care. The poultry, laying hens, lambs, and cattle are pastured on land managed with sustainable rotational grazing practices. All produce is free of added growth hormones, pharmaceuticals, and GMO feed. Read more about Lonesome Lady Ranch.

Zillmer Farms

A multi generational farm in Lindale growing strawberries, blackberries, figs, purple hull peas, and more, using no synthetic pesticides or herbicides. All our surplus fruit is saved and fashioned into the tastiest jams and jellies in East Texas.  Read more about Zillmer Farms.

Winona Orchards.

Winona Orchards is a family owned farm started in 2007 by John and Anita Sattler. Our mission is to grow superior fruit while focusing on sustainability and environmentally responsible practices. We use a minimalistic approach as it relates to applying chemicals to our produce. We utilize the mildest products possible and only apply them when necessary in order to achieve the intended result (high quality, unblemished fruit). Read more about Winona Orchards.