Recycle Your CSA Box


In every aspect of our business, we strive for more sustainability. With your help, we’d like to extend that effort to the many delivery boxes we use each week.

Our members are invited to return their clean, empty Red Moon Farm CSA boxes to us for reuse or recycling each week. Boxes sturdy enough for reuse will carry a CSA share to another family the following week, and damaged boxes will be returned to the earth in the form of compost or mulch in the fields.

In order for us to accept back the boxes, they need to be clean, and broken down flat, tape free.

When you pick up your share, (1) transfer your share to your own box or bag, leaving the cardboard box behind, or (2) bring the box back with you the following week. Our driver will pick up the boxes and make sure they’re put to good use.

Please note: We can only accept boxes that are clean and free of any food residue. In addition, we can only accept our own Red Moon Farm CSA boxes. We are not equipped to recycle or compost cardboard, egg cartons, plastic containers which would require sanitation between uses (no time for that extra step!), or any other materials from other sources.