Spring Seeds

Justin and I spent the last few weeks pouring over seed catalogs and websites, picking out the perfect mix of tried and true crops and some new editions to our vegetable line-up.  The pictures are always so beautiful, the descriptions so enticing, that it’s a nearly impossible task to narrow it down to just a few varieties of each crop.  Sometimes we just can’t do it (I think we are growing over 50 different varieties of vegetable this Spring, including 8 lettuce varieties!) We finally selected the winners for this Spring and want you guys to get a glimpse of our vegetable line-up, so let’s begin salivating!  The Farm will be ready to accept new members in just a few more days, so stay tuned for your chance to sign up for the Spring CSA!


Yellowpak carrots- crisp, sweet, and super fun!3820

Amazing cauliflower- nice tight heads of bright white grains.


Emperor spinach- tall stemmed, deep green and tender. We give ours out a little bigger than this picture as picking teeny tiny leaves for over one hundred families can be quite a chore, but this variety stays tender and delicious eaten raw or cooked.


Chioggia Guardsmark beets- simply beautiful with incredibly delicious greens, too!


Skyphos lettuce- dark red with a bright green center. This variety is a beautiful cross between a tender butterhead and a tight and crisp iceburg.


Red Rosie- another mixed color lettuce but in a tall and elegant romaine type


Davignon radishes- a traditional French breakfast radish, a specialty crop rarely seen outside of seasonal farmers markets


Early Jersey Wakefield cabbage- a pretty, cone-shapped cabbage that’s a bit unique in appearance but crisp and tight, just as a cabbage should be.


In a few days, new members can join our CSA for the coming season. In the next few weeks our greenhouse will be filled with new seedlings of these and more, and we will also begin planting the fields. Contact us to schedule a visit! We would love to have you see the farm as we progress toward Spring. We hope this taste of the season to come has you as ready as we are for Spring to arrive.