Red Moon Farm Webstore

Red Moon Farm Webstore

The Red Moon Farm CSA offers loads of fantastic, locally produced farm products to our members and here in this post you’ll learn how you can purchase them. But first–have you read about our farm partners? We’ve got pastured eggs, direct-trade coffee, medicinal herbs, fresh flowers, and incredible grassfed meats all from dear friends of Red Moon Farm who hold to high standards of sustainability and transparency. You can learn more about them here.

Ok, so you want these great new goods we offer, right? Here’s what you do.

Step 1.  Become a member of our CSA. You can join by following this link. (If we have room in the current season, you can sign right up! And if we don’t, you can add yourself to our waiting list and we will let you know when we have a share available.)

Step 2. You can access the webstore by following this link.  This link is also accessible anywhere on our website in the top right corner of the menu bar.


Step 3.

Shop when the store is open. The store is open every week until Tuesday night at 11pm. That gives us all day Wednesday to get everything ready for you and then deliver it with your CSA share on Thursday. The store then opens back up on Friday morning for you to get the next week’s orders in.

Within the store you can see information on each item, as well as read bios of the producers and visit their websites. You’re going to love all that we are offering you. More items will be added throughout the season so check back often to see what’s new.

Just like your CSA share, the items you place in your cart will be charged to your member account late on Thursday night after deliveries are complete. Your cart will then be empty and ready for anything you’d like to add for the next delivery.

Step 4.

Go pick up your items on delivery day and check off the list that you retrieved everything you ordered.

Some of the new farm products are stable at room temperature, such as salves, soaps, and coffee. But many of the new farm products are frozen or refrigerated until they arrive at your pick-up location.  These items will be held at the proper temperature as they travel from our farm to your pick up location, at which point they will be placed in a cooler with ice packs. If you placed an order for flowers, you want them in tip-top shape, and if you ordered meat, you want those premium cuts to still be frozen when you get there, so plan ahead and come promptly on CSA day.

Remember, you can check your location’s pick-up time in your member account, (it’s listed in the green box on the right hand side) and we also send you emails in real-time each delivery day letting you know when we have completed delivery to your pick-up location.

Step 5.

Payment for your order will occur on Thursday night along with the charge for that week’s CSA share.  If you have an automatic payment plan in place, the same payment method will be used to complete the transaction.  If at the beginning of the season you paid in full for your CSA member share, then you currently have a positive credit on your account that will cover all of your shares this CSA season. If that applies to you, the items you order from the store will be deducted from that positive balance, which means your account credit will get used up before the end of the CSA season. In order to keep all this farm goodness coming your way, make sure you log into your account to add enough funds for the extra items you order.


So that’s it in a nutshell! We hope you’re excited about this great new facet of the Red Moon Farm CSA.


Jessica and Justin