Final CSA Share Fall 2013 season

Final CSA Share Fall 2013 season

Welcome to your final fall/winter share from the farm. We are simply overjoyed to be able to end in abundance with an out of the ordinary late January harvest! And you have a wild surprise in this week’s box…

  • Broccoli—These took forever to mature but finally we have some for you!
  • Cabbage—young and tender baby savoy (crinkled) heads and a few smooth round heads. Quite small but oh, so good.
  • Carrots—small but amazingly delicious Nelson variety. The cold, frosty weather concentrates their sugars making these young carrots incredibly sweet. We are so proud of these little beauties.
  • Swiss Chard— Sautée with butter, onion, and a handful of the next item:
  • Chickweed– This week you’re receiving a wild-foraged food! Chickweed grows all across the U.S and in many hidden spots on Red Moon Farm. It’s most tender and delicious when it first appears each year. Chickweed is a great source of vitamins A, D, B, and C, as well as iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and manganese. It contains oxalic acid like spinach and Swiss chard, which gives it that similar light tangy flavor. Try it like this: wash well in cool water and add a handful of chopped leaves and stems to scrambled eggs, mix it into fresh, piping hot mashed potatoes where the leaves wilt a little from the heat, or add it raw to a salad.
  • Kale and/or Collards—Red Russian kale can turn a lovely purple hue in cold weather. They are still delicious! We didn’t quite have enough kale for all families to enjoy so some received Collard greens. Did you know they are actually the same genus and species?
  • Radishes—Daikons. The leaves were toast from all the frosts so we removed them. Try slices on a piece of rye bread thickly spread with cultured butter and sprinkled with kosher salt.
  • Sweet Potatoes—Enough to last you for a bit!


We hope you had some culinary adventures along the way and became familiar with some new veggies. The spring season is currently open so make sure you get signed up for an even more abundant 10 week season of delicious and nutritious local produce straight from the farm!


Jessica & Justin


Large Share


In this week’s large share: (In rows, starting at top left) a bunch of beautiful Kale, Swiss Chard, small cabbages, carrots, broccoli, chickweed, daikon radishes, and sweet potatoes.

Small Share


In this week’s small share: (Clockwise)  Sweet potatoes, broccoli, carrots, daikon radishes, chickweed, Swiss chard, cabbages, and kale.