Announcing: Gardening Workshops!

Announcing: Gardening Workshops!

The farm’s got some exciting stuff up its sleeve for you this spring! While gearing up for the CSA season, we know many of you are plotting and planning your own home gardens or container gardens as well.

Growing food in your own back yard is super fun, but also comes with a large set of challenges and knowledge barriers. The owners of Red Moon Farm have been doing this for quite a while, now (and always organic!)  After receiving loads of emails from members on food production, and having countless chats over the farmers market table with customers, it’s high time that Red Moon Farm offer up that knowledge to you through a series of on-farm workshops! We hope you will join us.

We’re starting with a 2 class series this Spring (we have more ideas for fall, but for now, this is a LOT of ground to cover!)

seed starting-2

2-25-17   Starting Plants From Seed:

Learn the ins and outs of starting garden plants from seeds, starting with seed selection and creating your potting mix to getting great germination and giving your plants a healthy, organic start indoors, or in a greenhouse.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll have the tangible makings of your own small set of 9 spring and summer garden plants, and the knowledge needed for the first steps of getting healthy plants started.


planting the garden

3-25-17   Prepping and Planting the Garden:

Learn about preparing the soil, direct-seeding seeds into the garden as well as transplanting plants that were started in a greenhouse, and promoting healthy soil microbiology and fertility in this info-packed workshop.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll take home our custom mix of soil ammendments, mini-packets of seeds, and the knowledge needed for these next important steps of growing your garden this year!

Why should you come??

Justin and Jessica are natural educators with a strong foundation in the science of farming, and several years’ experience in both child and adult education. With a combined 19 years experience in organic vegetable production, learning from them is not to be missed! Come engage in your farming community, get to know other home-gardeners, and enjoy an afternoon on the farm.

What’s the cost?

We want these events to be community oriented, so we aim to keep costs super low-just enough to cover materials and time.  AND we want our CSA members to come out and engage with us as much as possible so we’ve trimmed the cost down for our CSA members a smidge.

Current Members of the CSA: $5

All other attendees: $8

Register through the links provided to reserve your spot, and bring payment the day of the workshop.

When are these great workshops?

Starting Plants From Seeds: February 25th, 2:00pm 

Prepping and Planting the Garden: March 25th, 2:00pm
Events are held in the outdoors, in both covered and un-covered teaching areas. Make sure you dress appropriately for the weather.