2014 Spring Share #6

2014 Spring Share #6

Share notes:

  • Kohlrabi—This amazing cool weather crop is a special treat by which you should not feel intimidated! Leaves can be treated as kale or broccoli greens, and the bulb can be used in a raw salad like you would broccoli stems. Peel back any fibrous layer (these are so young and tender you may not need to peel them). It would make a heavenly slaw with some onion and turnip root, all sliced very thin.  I have a delicious and simple recipe from Deborah Madison’s Vegetable Literacy– simply steam the sliced bulb until tender and then toss with butter, chives and lemon juice. I hope you guys enjoy this once-a-year gem.
  • Kale—Red Russian for small shares, Lacinato for large shares. Try  the massaged kale salad and the rainbow kale salad with lentils!
  • Lettuce— A tender and lovely Skyphos for everyone.  This is my favorite lettuce with its soft texture.  This variety would be wonderful for lettuce wraps. Enjoy lettuce while you can, as it will only be growing for a few more weeks. It can’t tolerate our Texas heat so once it’s gone, you won’t have it again until November or December.
  • Cabbage—large shares received small Gonzales cabbages, and small shares received a savoy leaved cabbage. As the season continues, you’ll get to try a few more cool varieties.
  • Broccoli—It’s beginning to come on strong. We hope to keep it coming till the season’s end. Try the great recipe we have for roasted broccoli salad.
  • Turnips—Purple top. Flea beetles are still quite active out there damaging the leaves of the turnips and other related crops. If your leaves are not too chewed, please use them! They’re wonderful with heaps of butter and onion.
  • Onions— This time we have yellow for you. We’ll rotate them with red and white throughout the season.

We hope to see you at the potluck this Sunday out at the farm!  We’d love to see you.  Gather some inspiration from this week’s share and bring something tasty for all to enjoy!

We’d love to know what fun ways you’re using your produce, drop us a note to let us know what culinary adventures you’re taking!  And don’t forget to head on over to the Kitchen blog to see what we’re cookin’ up!


Jessica & Justin



IMG_0346 Large share, clockwise from top:  Red Skyphos lettuce, Gonzales cabbages, purple top turnips, yellow onions, Lacinato kale, broccoli, and beautiful kohlrabi.



Small share, clockwise from top: Cauliflower, purple top turnips, yellow onion, kohlrabi, Skyphos lettuce, Red Russian Kale, and savoy leaf cabbage in the center.