2013 Fall CSA Share #5

2013 Fall CSA Share #5

Here’s this week’s CSA share!  See what your box holds this week.  Lots of root veggies this week!  Most root crops should be stored without their tops, and sealed in the fridge so they stay crisp. Wash them just before using.

  • Kale (2 variaties)- we have the frilly Red Russian variety which is beginning to turn a deep lovely shade of purple in the cool weather, and Lacinato, crisper and a deep shade of green.  The small shares received both varieties, while the large shares received Red Russian and Collard Greens.
  • Hakurei Turnips- again this is our favorite variety! Tender and sweet.
  • Purple Top Turnips- Large bulbs, great for roasting.  So delicious! Also great boiled then mashed with butter and herbs.
  • Swiss Chard-  Delicious braised on it’s own or with beef dishes.  Store sealed in a bag in the fridge.
  • Daikon Radishes- White and slender. Juicy and not too spicy.
  • Baby Easter Egg Radishes-  These are tiny and delicious with such a pretty array of colors.
  • Sweet Potatoes- Store at room temp and don’t wash until ready to use.


Large Share


In this week’s large share: (clockwise) a bunch of Kale and Collards, Hakurei Turnips, Easter Egg Radishes, Sweet Potatoes, Swiss Chard, Purple Top Turnips, and Daikon Radishes.

Small Share


In this week’s small share: (Left to Right)  Swiss Chard, Daikon Radishes, mixed bunch of Red Russian and Lacinato Kale, Easter Egg Radishes, Hakurei Turnips, Purple Top Turnips, and Sweet Potatoes.